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Cross functional collaboration is one of the key elements of success with business transformation.

We have been helping organizations improve and manage performance since 1991. We assist our clients execute performance improvement by taking a customer-focused process based view. This typically involves helping the senior leadership team to shift attention away from a traditional view based on a departmental bias towards improving and managing the large end to end processes which create value for customers such as order fulfillment, procurement and new product development. Our customer experience (CX) focus and our business process management (BPM) consulting and process improvement training services address the needs of clients in a broad range of industries including financial services, energy, and telecommunications.

Contact us if you wish to:

  • Develop an actionable customer journey map to improve customer experience (CX)
  • Develop a high level enterprise process model as the basis for BPM
  • Use CX and BPM to tear down organizational silos
  • Succeed with organization wide transformation through the integration of CX and BPM
  • Equip your management team with the CX and BPM skills needed for success

We encourage you to ask and answer the following questions:

  1. Does your leadership team have a shared understanding of the key business processes that deliver value to customers?
  2. Is your strategic direction expressed in jargon-free language?
  3. Is your strategic direction clear enough so it will be possible to communicate to employees the goals of the business process within which they work and their potential individual contribution?
  4. Is the connection of operational excellence to success in executing your strategy crystal clear?
  5. Do your leaders focus more on reporting relationships and protecting their domain than on the flow of activities in delivering products and services to customers?
  6. Does it take too long to fix workflow problems because the local culture requires that they be elevated to the V.P. level for resolution?
  7. Is there a greater focus on “plan vs. budget” rather than measures of the quality, timeliness, and cost of services provided to customers?
  8. Are your information systems projects defined in terms of functional boundaries, and do you find that various IT systems don’t communicate well with one another?

Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can best serve your organization.